Breeder of Working Line Dobermanns for Work, Sport or Active Companions

Vor Allem Dobermanns Puppy Questionnaire

Please copy and paste the application into your email, and return to me completed to

First and foremost, thank you for your interest in a Vor Allem Dobermann! Although this questionnaire is a bit lengthy, it is not intended to be intimidating. The information provided by you will help me determine the best homes for my puppies, and the best puppy for your home, family, and lifestyle. My hope is that the questions below will only provide honest information, promote research and informed decision making, in regards to adding a working line Dobermann to your home. Please be honest, and provide as much information as you can regarding your experience and history with dogs.

Vor Allem Dobermann puppies are sold for $2500 (CAD funds). All shipping costs are extra, and are the responsibility of the puppy buyer. Owners are strongly encouraged to travel and pick up their new puppy in person. All puppies are sold on a contract. Puppies will be Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registered, microchipped, have their first set of vaccines, and be thoroughly examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to leaving my home. Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes between 8-12 weeks, 16 weeks for US buyers, unless they have an approved confinement agreement.

Full Name:
Phone Number:

1. Please list the number of people living in your household and their ages.
2. Which sort of area do you live in - city, suburbs, rural, etc.?
3. Please describe your home - single family, apartment, condo, etc.?
4. Do you own, rent or lease?
5. Do you have a yard, or any acreage?
6. Is your yard fenced, or do you have a secure area outside for your dog?
7. Where will your Dobermann be living - inside the home, separate indoor area, 50/50 inside/outside, outside?
8. Please list any other dogs/animals living in your household, also their gender and if they're spayed/neutered.
9. Please list any prior dog training experience, breeds owned, and what happened to these dogs.
10. Do you have any experience owning and training a large breed working dog?
11. Are you planning to participate in:

__ Puppy kindergarten class __ Basic obedience __ Both
12. How long will your Dobermann be left alone, at a time?
13. Where do you plan to keep your puppy when you are at work, or away from home?
14. Have you made arrangements to let your puppy out during the day, if away for more than 5-6 hours at a time?
15. Are you aware that it can take up to 6 months to housetrain a puppy, longer if it's a winter puppy?
16. Do you plan to crate train your puppy?
17. Please explain the training techniques you will use?
18. How do you plan to socialize your puppy?
19. Are you familiar with with the health problems in this breed? If you are unaware of any of these issues, PLEASE research them.
* Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)           

* Cancer                                                           

* Cervical vertebral instability (CVI)
* Wobblers                                             

* Spondylosis                                                   

* Hypothyroidism
* Von Willebrands                                 

* Hip displaysia                                                 

* Chronic active hepatitis (CAH)
* Demodecosis                                       

* Colour dilute alopecia (CDA) in dilutes
20. Are you aware that Dobermanns shed year round?
21. Do you plan to participate in any of these activities with your Dobermann? 

__ IPO __ Ringsport __ PSA  __ Obedience __ Agility __ SAR __ Therapy __ Conformation __ Other (Please explain) 
22. Have you ever met any Dobermanns?
23. What type of temperament are you looking for in a dog? What energy level? Please explain.
24. Do you have a gender, and/or colour preference?
25. Do you understand that I no longer have my puppies cropped or docked?
26. Are you looking for:

__ Active pet/companion __ Working prospect __ Show prospect __ Breeding prospect
27. Would you be willing to keep in contact with me, for the life of your dog, to share the progress of your Dobermann (growth, training, health, temperament)?
28. Are you willing to inform me of ANY and ALL health issues your Dobermann may encounter?
29. Are you willing to wait until 24 months of age before spaying/neutering your dog?
30. Would you be willing to have your Dobermann xrayed and submitted to OFA, whether or not you plan to breed?
31. Are you willing to return your Dobermann to me if you are unable to care for it for any reason, at any time of its life?
32. Do you already have a vet? If not, I can assist you in finding a suitable vet in your area.
33. Are you willing to provide your Dobermann with a good quality diet? It can potentially run $70-90 a month.
34. When would you be looking to add a Dobermann to your family?
35. Are you currently on any other wait lists for a Dobermann puppy?
36. Why do you think a working line Dobermann is the right breed for you? What interested you about this breed?
37. Do you have enough time and energy for daily activities? Will it be difficult to spend the time to train and exercise? Will the Dog blend into your routine, or will it become an annoyance or burden?
38. Who will be the one to walk, feed, clean up after, train, play with, groom, get licensed and provide medical care? Be realistic, it is a job for adults or responsible older children. If you have children, can you teach them to be respected of the new puppy?

The Dobermann’s high activity level and keen intelligence are characteristics that can get it into trouble if boredom sets in. While many people must leave their Dobermann alone for 8 hours while they go to work, the successful owner limits activities that would keep them away from the Dog after work. The Dobermann likes to be included in all your activities, so if you like jogging, hiking, biking, obedience training, and the outdoors then the Dobermann may be a good choice for your lifestyle. However, if you often work extended hours, and are already over committed to family and friends, then perhaps this is not a good time to be considering a dog at all.

39. Where did you hear about Vor Allem Dobermanns?
40. Please include any other additional information you would like to share, or any questions you may have for me.