Breeder of Working Line Dobermanns for Work, Sport or Active Companions

Breeding Philosophy

My goal at Vor Allem Dobermanns is to produce beautiful, active companion dogs that are able and willing to compete in all aspects of canine activities. I am a small scale breeder with a limited, but well planned breeding program.  I work on this goal with friends and other breeders that have a similar vision to my own.  A well-planned breeding program means that each breeding is of tremendous importance to me, and the breed as a whole as well.  I focus a lot of my efforts into caring for and exposing my pups to the world that they may encounter throughout their life.  I follow a unique and scientifically backed puppy rearing and development program (Avidog International) that gives all our puppies, no matter their future, the best possible start in life.

At Vor Allem Dobermanns, my first concerns are health, longevity, and preserving genetic diversity.  My continued research in these areas gives me the opportunity to do educated planning and breeding.  After these, I balance temperament and structure.  I strive to produce Dobermanns that are intelligent, confident with a good work ethic.  I am concerned with several, serious genetic problems the Dobermann breed is faced with.  At minimum, all of my breeding dogs must be tested for hips, elbows, eyes, thyroid function, liver and kidney function, von Willebrand Disease (vWD), and cardiac function.

I also track the development of my puppies through a wonderful tool:

The C-BARQ (Canine Behavioural Assessment and Research Questionnaire) is designed to provide dog owners and professionals with standardized evaluations of canine temperament and behaviour.  The C-BARQ was developed by researchers at the Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society of the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently the only behavioural assessment instrument of its kind to be extensively tested for reliability and validity on large samples of dogs of many breeds.  The current version consists of 100 questions describing the different ways in which dogs typically respond to common events, situations, and stimuli in their environment.  The C-BARQ is simple to use, and can be completed by anyone who is reasonably familiar with a dog's typical day-to-day behaviour.  On average, it takes from 10-15 minutes to complete.

My IDEAL DOBERMANN, the goal of my breeding program, is a dog of correct and functional structure that:

  • ​is immediately identifiable as an appropriately sized Dobermann, even with uncropped ears and undocked tail.
  • is a moderately high energy dog that can settle well in the house.
  • has the intelligence, biddability and drive to be trained for a wide variety of activities by the experienced owner.
  • is healthy and sound, with no chronic illnesses, including allergies and orthopedic problems.
  • lives a long and healthy life as a beloved member of the family


My dogs fit well into active homes where they will have jobs, with regular exercise and training.  I seek performance and/or competition homes for the majority of puppies, though there may be some puppies in most litters that are more suited to non-working homes.  These are not the typical pet home where the dog gets 15 or so minutes of walks a day.  Rather, they are homes where the dog is a respected working companion rather than a spoiled pet, homes where the dog participates in many, if not most, of the family activities, homes where training and working with the dog is a top priority.

I seek to follow the highest Code of Ethics, as well as the Golden Rule in my dealings with other Dobermann fanciers, my puppy buyers, and the general public.  I do all I can to treat my buyers fairly and to use our interactions as a means to educate them and the general public about dog behaviour, the responsibilities of dog ownership, and good animal husbandry.

I am committed to my own continuing education.  I do this through my professional background, training in canine genetics, animal behaviour/dog breeding seminars, course work, and discussions with professional dog trainers and handlers, and other members of the dog fancy and veterinary community.

Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. Since I offer only a limited number of puppies each year, I do recommend reserving your puppy in advance of the whelping.  If you are still interested in a Vor Allem Dobermann, please read carefully through my website and then connect with me through my puppy application.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, as I am here to answer your questions.