Breeder of Working Line Dobermanns for Work, Sport or Active Companions

Agyra von Rosamburg CGN, PSA-PDC

20/11/2008 - 04/02/2018

I let Malice go over the Rainbow Bridge, in early February 2018.  It was very unexpected, and it hurt to see her in pain.  It appeared that she suffered an injury causing a slipped disc, and the potential for intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) was there.  She stole a piece of my heart, but gave me all of hers willingly. You will never be forgotten.

Malice was a small, agile spitfire.  She had extreme ball/toy drive, very high prey drive and a balanced defense drive.  Her conformation was functionally correct.  Malice easily overcame new situations and had no gun shyness or aversions to various footing.

She lived to work, whatever that may have been.  Her foundation was in Schutzhund.  We became interested in the suit sports and spent a couple years training mondioring excercises where she was comfortable working the suit and excelled in training. After that we dived into the sport of PSA. We were in Beeton, ON for the second annual Canadian PSA trial where we earned our PSA-PDC-SD and PSA-PDC certificates under judge, Jonathan Katz.  

Outside of training, Malice was constantly on the move, whether running along side the ATVs,  bicycle or horses, weight pulling, working on the spring pole, natural agility scenarios or swimming.  She would do anything for a frisbee.  She was my all round dog.

​Malice was fully health tested.  Click HERE to see the OFA page of Malice's results.

OFA Hips - Good                                                               

OFA Elbows - Normal

OFA Thyroid - 2010 - Normal                                           

MSU Thyroid - 2014/2015 - Normal

vWD - VetGen Clear                                                          

CERF  - 2010 - 2013 - E1 Breeder Option; 2013 - clear; 2015 - E1 Breeder Option

Liver/Kidney Panel - 2014/2015 - Normal                                   

Dings - Negative

Meurs DCM Gene Marker - Negative                               

Cardiac Ultrasound/ECHO - 2012/2014 - Normal 

24hr Holter - June 2014 - Clear; April 2015 - Clear (2 singles, 1 pair); November 2015 - (1 single)​; November 2016 - diagnosed with occult DCM

Coat Colour - Black #4 (BbDd)

Danzig vom Grenzturm

click on her name to view pedigree

D.O.B. 05/03/2016

I imported Danzig, from Austria, as an 11 week old puppy.  Her litter was produced via surgical implant with 13 year old frozen semen, from a male I have admired for many years.

Her sire, Tarek, comes from the Dutch working kennel, van de Berkensingel, and Danzig is the only living daughter of Tarek.  His pedigree is a combination of old German/Austrian lines and Dutch lines.

Her dam, Ti-Amo, is a combination of classic German and Scandinavian working lines, with a touch of show lines via Kirk vom Blasenstein.

Danzig is a petite, athletic female with good bone for her size.  She is a medium energy, medium drive dog.  With the limited exposure we've had to decoys, she has always shown an amazing full, calm bite with excellent possessiveness.  She is clear headed and able to work through the pressure put on her.  Her prey drive is medium, but shows good levels of aggression and defense.  She has a nice nose with good hunt drive, but could have a better retrieve. She shows no gun shyness or aversion to various footings.  She is intelligent, loves to learn and does so quickly.  She has a very high food drive as well.

In the home, Danzig has a natural off-switch making her easy to live with.  She is incredibly loving with family, but indifferent to strangers. 

Click HERE for the OFA page to Danzig's testing results.

OFA Hips - Good                                 

OFA Elbows - Normal

OFA Thyroid - normal 02/18, normal 09/19, pending 2020 results                     

OFA Eyes - normal 02/18, normal 05/19

OFA Advanced Cardiac - Echo normal 02/18 - 24hr Holter normal 05/18

Echo - normal 05/19

24hr Holter - normal 11/19, pending 2020 results

vWD clear by parentage/verified by VetGen 

Liver/Kidney Function - Normal 09/19, pending 2020 results

UC Davis Genetic Diversity testing completed

Coat Colour - Black #3 BbDD