Breeder of Working Line Dobermanns for Work, Sport or Active Companions

While health testing is an extremely important tool to assist a breeder in breeding decisions, it is only that - a tool.  There are no guarantees when it comes to health, unless the testing is of DNA material.  In the case of the Dobermann breed, the ONLY health testing guarantees are for Von Willebrands disease and DINGS.  All other tests performed, at this time, are a snapshot of the dog's health at the time of testing. Most breeders are not looking to produce puppies with issues, but the fact is, breeders work with living creatures, and genetics and Mother Nature can have other ideas.  That is why it is important to look for breeders that do the necessary health testing, to try and stack the odds in favour of healthy, happy puppies.

With that being said, Vor Allem Dobermanns encourages regular health testing of all dogs, whether they are breeding stock, sport dogs or loved companions. Any health testing results provided to Vor Allem Dobermanns, on puppies I have produced, help me improve my breeding program for the future. 

If you have any questions about health testing, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The following is a list of health testing that should be done, at a minimum, before breeding a litter of Dobermanns. 

OFA Hips

OFA Elbows

OFA Thyroid

OFA Eyes

Liver/Kidney Function


24 hr Holter

von Willebrands

The following are additional tests that a breeder may choose to do on their dogs.

Coat Colour

Many breeders will test for coat colour in order to not purposely produce the dilute colours.  The blue and fawn coats are highly prone Colour Dilution Alopecia (CDA). While CDA is not life threatening, the dogs have broken, brittle coats, and often have very dry skin.  

DCM 1 and 2 gene tests

These gene tests are NOT predictive or causative of developing DCM, but they have been shown to be associative.  Having negative results for either test should not be touted as "DCM free", and the results should not be used in breeding decisions, at this time.

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

Vestibular Deafness (DINGS)

This is a congential defect that is found in the Dobermann.