Breeder of Working Line Dobermanns for Work, Sport or Active Companions

Incentives Program

At Vor Allem Dobermanns, I value the time, effort, energy and commitment it takes to train and compete with your dog. That is why I offer an incentive program for the titles earned with your Vor Allem Dobermann.  Rebates will be sent out once I have a copy of the certificate/title earned.  The rebates are listed below, any titles earned in a venue not listed will be considered on a case by case basis.  So go out and show the world what a Vor Allem Dobermann can do!!

Temperament Testing - $20 for each new title


Basic Sport Titles - $40 for each new title

Obedience, Tracking, Agility, Scent Detection

Working Sport Titles

French Ring/Mondioring Brevet and PDA-PDC will earn $60 each

IPO 1-3, FR 1-3, MR 1-3, PSA 1-3 will earn $100 for each level

​And for something a little more competitive...

The Top Title Race!!

The first, second, and third dogs to be titled, to the top level of their respective sport, will win the following from Vor Allem Dobermanns:

1st dog to earn a top title - $1200

2nd dog to earn a top title - $800

3rd dog to earn a top title - $500

**A top title is the highest level possible in a given sport.**

For example, IPO3, FR3, PSA3 in the protection sports, or a UDX in Obedience

In addition, $250 is available for a handler's 1st national/international competition, with a Vor Allem Dobermann, at the top level.

If a Vor Allem Dobermann is handled to a top 5 placement, at an international competition, Vor Allem Dobermanns will offer the owner a puppy from an upcoming litter, or a cash prize, at my discretion.