Breeder of Working Line Dobermanns for Work, Sport or Active Companions

​The price of puppies is $2000-2500 depending if it is a natural breeding, outside stud dog or surgical AI, plus any related shipping expenses (crate, air travel etc).   Reservation fees are accepted ($500 non-refundable) once the pregnancy has been confirmed.  If you are interested in a puppy from an upcoming litter, please fill out our puppy application.  Homes will be carefully screened.  I will be keeping a list of interested homes, with completed applications and they will be given the first opportunity to put in a reservation fee.  Experienced working/sport homes, and individuals with experience with dominant breeds will be given preference.  The cost of the puppy includes:  

tail dock *****


ear crop *****

LIMITED registration with the CKC 

structural evaluation 

temperament testing

initial vaccination(s)

multiple fecals and appropriate deworming

vWD testing, if not clear by parentage 

First year membership to the United Doberman Club

any and all relevant medical history 

Health Warranty

breeder support for the lifetime of your Vor Allem Dobermann puppy

The puppies will be extensively socialized and handled by numerous adults and children.  As they grow, various objects and situations (wood, metal, plastic, etc, boxes, mini agility equipment, tunnels, gunfire, smells, etc) are introduced into the whelping pen, then into the puppy yard for them to experience and climb on, over, through, under, carry around and play tug with.  The puppies are all raised inside with plenty of outdoor time, weather permitting.  Each puppy will receive daily, one-on-one sessions to play tug, learn to be still for grooming, get accustomed to the collar and leash, start basic obedience positions using food lures, etc.  All puppies will be sold with a written contract/warranty.


We do not remove the dewclaws.  The option to crop is left up to the new owner, it is a very personal decision.  Taping the ears is a lot of work, if you do not have experience taping ears and/or do not have someone experienced that can assist you - please consider leaving your Dobermann with natural ears.  It is much better to leave the ears natural than cropped and not standing.  Cropping, if chosen, will be done by an experienced Dobermann cropper between 7-8 weeks of age, and puppies will stay with us until the sutures are removed 10-14 days later, prior to being sent to their new homes.  You are encouraged to come and pick up your puppy in person.  If that is not feasible, shipping can be arranged at the buyer's expense.

***** IMPORTANT *****

After careful consideration, Vor Allem Dobermanns has made the decision to leave some puppies natural from each litter.  Either the male or female puppies will be left natural, and the other sex will be docked, with cropping optional.  That decision will be posted with every litter announcement.


A natural Dobermann still possesses all the qualities that make the Dobermann, a Dobermann, in a less traditional silhouette.  The natural Dobermann is now the norm in many parts of the world.  Cropped and docked Dobermanns, born after January 1, 2015 are not permitted to be shown or trialed in many European countries, even if they come from a country that still permits cropping/docking.  

At Vor Allem Dobermanns, we are in no way opposed to the cropping/docking procedures and believe it should be, and remain, a personal choice.

*****  The puppies that are left natural MUST remain natural after they go to their new homes - I do not condone the practice of tail amputation for aesthetic purposes.  *****


​Due to the importation changes by the USDA/CDC, puppies going to homes in the US will be required to have their Rabies vaccine.  This cannot be done prior to 12 weeks of age, at the earliest, and puppies cannot be shipped until 30 days after the vaccine is given.  Therefore, the youngest a puppy can be shipped is 16 weeks old, unless a Confinement Agreement is granted to the new owner.


I do not sell puppies on a "first come, first serve" basis with regards to the order that reservation fees are received.  Prior to accepting a reservation fee, I spend a significant amount of time getting to know my potential homes and learning about their experience, personality and goals. I then carefully select the pup in the litter that is the most suitable. If the litter does not contain a pup that I feel is a good match, I will offer the choice of either a refund of reservation fee, or to transfer the reservation fee to a different litter.

I absolutely will not sell a pup if I am not confident that pup and owner will both be happy with the arrangement. Essentially, each person gets the "pick of the litter" in the sense that each pup is carefully matched to each individual customer. In this way, I ensure that each customer receives the pup most suited to their lifestyle and aspirations, and each pup is placed in the home that will best meet its needs and realize its potential.

Vor Allem Dobermanns reserves the right to refuse the sale of a puppy at anytime and for any reason.  If sale is refused, reservation fee will be refunded.